Q&T's...that's Questions & Tips, not to be confused with G&T's

Those are for drinking after cycling!



Bring a Bottle
We recommend bringing your own water and water bottle.  Our clever drink bottle bike carriers will adapt to fit any bottle...and even bananas actually.



Ahh the dreaded question!  Do you need to wear a helmet?  Not legally in the UK no, but we highly recommend, 'Yes'.  We know not all helmets are fashionable so we have sourced some non embarrassing headwear to get around this problem!  However, if you prefer to bring your own please do...or you can sign to say you've been advised to wear one but won't be doing...it's really up to you.


Age to Ride

In the UK Riders must be 14yrs old and above to ride an e-bike. Riders between 14-16yrs must be cycling with one of their adults on the tour please, and consent forms must be signed by an adult on their behalf.


Toilets on Tours

There are a few public toilets around so please just ask if you need to pit stop, where we can we've also worked in a possible comfort stop should anyone need. However, if they're not nearby there's always the option of a bit of back to nature if we're around some well placed bushes!!


Wardrobe Dilemmas!

Our coastal weather can be tricky in North Devon, so please wear/bring sunscreen should you need to on exposed skin; wear/bring a light jumper/jacket for protection from the sun/wind/rain and wear suitable footwear.  In the hope that the sun is shining, you might just need those sunnies...and maybe even if it's cloudy to stop the wind and flies getting in your eyes!


Coastal Weather

Being coastal, our weather rolls in from the sea and can be unpredictable at times, it can be gloriously sunny one minute and full of sea mist the next!  A little downpour, mud or brisk wind can add another element to your adventure but obviously if the weather means dangerous cycling conditions, then the Tour will be cancelled.  We will try to do this with 24 hours notice and will offer Riders a new date (where possible), or if its not possible, a full re-fund instead.  We may also from time to time have to all be flexible to amend a Tour to allow for anything that pops up, which in our minds just adds to the adventure.


• New to Cycling or E-bikes?

Relax...you'll have a quick easy run through of the bike's features before heading out on a Tour, and our e-bikes are very simple to use.


Pedal Power

Our e-bikes have three levels of boosting power allowing you to choose which suits you for any hills or along straights.  You can pedal them as fast as you like (the same as for a normal bike), however they will only provide an energising boost up to 15mph, if you go faster then you are pedalling under your own steam...unless of course you happen to be free flying downhill!


• What Goes Up...Must Come Down...but with Disc Breaks!

We've had a couple of nervous enquiries about down hill speeds.  We advise everyone to just travel at their own speed comfort level, fast or slow.  Personally, I don't like a fast downhill descent either...so it's slow and steady for me whilst Rob leads the way, waiting at the base of the hill to re-group...so you can just relax and take your time.  Our E-bikes have excellent modern disc breaks meaning you are fully in control of your speed at any time, and especially on those downhill descents.


• Fitness Levels & Adventures

E-bikes make cycling much more accessible, and you can go further and tame those hills with a little boost of power, but if you are in any doubt about your fitness or health please check with your GP first.  Please also bear in mind that the speed and length of any Tour will be varied, as it will be dependant on the groups mixed fitness ability.  Tours are described in such a way that you can easily see what would be suitable for your ability, or sense of adventure, but feel free to ask if you have concerns.  Ultimately the enhanced features of our e-bikes enables anyone who can pedal and balance to have their own fun riding adventure!


Pesky Punctures & Malfunctions

Sadly, from time to time cycling punctures and malfunctions do happen but we will make every effort to repair or replace what we can as quickly as possible, so you can continue on with grin inducing fun!


• Contact Details - Where can I find a phone number?

We hope you will understand that as we are often prepping, repairing, cleaning down bikes, or out hosting Tours, that we are not always easily contactable by phone.  We will pick up any email queries you have as soon as we are able to, or arrange any Exclusive/Bespoke arrangements, but it is usually easier to contact us by email so we can reply as soon as we are available.  If we need to discuss anything with you, we will of course arrange a time to chat!

So...here's to that post Tour De Lanes G&T, cheers!