The Golden Rules

(meaning: to treat people the way you would like other people to treat you!)


Ok, so on a more serious note we do have comply with any Relevant & General Safety Regs and any current or ongoing Covid Regs.  Tour De Lanes is Certified & Approved by the UK 'We're Good To Go' Industry Standard who keep us updated. So we will update anything we need to as and when, and let you know if there's more we need to do, or can't do.

Please see our pages on Covid, Refunds, Full T&C's and Privacy for our full information but to keep things simple here are our easy peasy FIVE GOLDEN RULES here at Tour De Lanes (TDL)...


  • We'll give you a quick run down of the Tour De Lanes E-bike features and a little thing we like to call Bike Etiquette.  Yep, there is such a thing!  So please bear this in mind and use appropriate language/behaviour when you're on a Tour; for yourself, for others enjoyment of the Tour, for us as your host(s), and for the general public....we are a small community and we all represent TDL whilst we're out and about!
  • There is no smoking, vaping, drugs or alcohol use please (unless you are on a Tour that offers a drink appropriately).
  • Please come prepared to cycle in appropriate clothing and shoes, and with water. There are more tips about this in our Q&T's
  • Please be punctual for Tours.
  • Please be generally respectful of others and/or of any social distancing, sanitising, masks etc.  Everyone has their own health/friends/families to think of and not everyone's situation is the same. 


As long we're all on the same page we'll be golden!