Our Covid Policy


Tour De Lanes is Certified & Approved by the UK

"We're Good To Go" Covid-19 Industry Standard



Keeping it Small

Our Tours are based outdoors, by the coast in North Devon's refreshing salty sea air and our group sizes are very small.  Any health needs/social distancing needs will be respected making things easier to relax so you can focus on your adventure instead!  

Smaller group sizes also allows us to ensure our cycling equipment is fully sanitised and kept in tip top condition, and allows us to give you more individual attention on tours, making it altogether more personalised, relaxed and fun!


Keeping it Safe

Please ensure you bring your mask and wear as appropriate should the need arise.  Please also feel free to bring/wear your own helmet, or cycling gloves if you have any or you prefer to wear your own. You may also need to bring you own wipes/sanitiser but you will need to ensure you have a pocket to carry these items.  We will try to have some sanitiser available should this be an issue but kindly ask that you bring your own where possible.  Our booking system and payments are all done online, and our consent forms can be emailed to yourselves and back to us here at Tour De Lanes HQ if you don't want to complete them on the day.  So there's no need for anything else to change hands and you'll just be ready to go...much easier for when you just want to get to the fun part.


Keeping it Respectful

Please be respectful of others; whether this is social distancing, sanitising or mask wearing.  No matter what anyone chooses; everyone has their own health/friends/families to think of and we are mindful that not everyone's situation is the same. 


Keeping it Clean

Our electric bikes will be sanitised and thoroughly cleaned between use alongside their next pre-tour checks, along with any helmets that have been used.  So it's nice to know that everything will be sparkly clean and gleaming for each's also just good bike and equipment maintenance!  We've fitted our bikes with clever bottle mounting systems that adapt to varying shapes and sizes so that you can bring your own water and water bottle, even if it's a pre-bought bottle from a store it will still fit in the carrier.  And where our slightly different Tours offer an alternative cycling beverage to water, these items will be sanitised prior to those particular Tours. 


Keeping it Relaxed

The idea behind Tour De Lanes is to become immersed in the nature and diverse landscape around us, so it's great for an escape.  Please note that touring amongst the lanes can still get busy at times, particularly during the main summer months, during school holidays, or where you may want to access a popular village or the coast...but it is possible to limit this...which is what we're all about!  Any pit stops we make will bear this in mind; accessible outdoor toilets, little local hidden outdoor or takeaway gems for that ice cream or cuppa you need, and outdoor rests on some picturesque grass somewhere...all meaning we are simply about fun, views, peacefulness and keeping things relaxed (and hopefully suitable for anyone who feels a little more covid vulnerable).  It also means we try to support our more individual and local businesses should we pit stop!