A Little Snippet About Us


Welcome to our new venture Tour De Lanes!  I would never have believed that one day we would be co-owners and setting up a business that involved anything to do with cycling.  It's not something I personally had done since I was a teenager, but my husband Rob's love of cycling, and his appreciation for the scenery where we live was too contagious to resist!  I bought myself an electric bike (so I could keep up with Rob...although he soon realised the bike's potential too).  So I guess we became the first Tour De Laners without us both even realising. 

So here we are, Rob & Gayle at Tour De Lanes, our new venture which began as a little idea during the first covid lockdowns.  A love of cycling, coupled with daily exercise on our beautiful lanes, inspired both the Tour De Lanes name and an appreciation to share where we live with others as hosted tours; whether you are local to the area or visiting.  It's something we have spent over a year planning and discussing, so we are excited that we are finally geared up and ready to start.

Located by the coast in North Devon's refreshing salty sea air, our Electric Bicycle Tours focus on cycling around the North Devon lanes and being immersed in its natural and stunning diverse landscapes, from Coast through to Countryside.

Our bikes can be ridden by beginners at a relaxed pace, or with a bit more speed on a hilly adventure ride and everything in between.  We have also tried to make some of our Tours a bit more unique, so alongside our Regular Tours, Exclusive & Bespoke Options we're also offering a Mystery Tour option and occasionally a Pop Up Tour...so keep an eye out for those!

Our e-bikes are high spec, streamlined designs and we've added a few thoughtful extra options!  Our small group sizes mean we can ensure our bikes and equipment are kept in great condition whilst allowing us to give more attention to any Tour De Laners, making it altogether a more friendly, relaxed and grin inducing cycling adventure!


 So how about it?

Are you ready to join us and get lost in the lanes?!